Underpaw 1: Chapter 1 (2002)

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1 of A Week Underpaw

Underpaw 1: Chapter 1

Underpaw 1: Chapter 1

by Skipai

The following story is copyrighted to the above author. This story contains gay sexual acts. If you're not of the age or against such actions then please stop now.


Day One

Leaning against the window of the taxi, the otter sighed and watched the vehicle come to a stop again as he turned his head to face the driver in the front, who honked on his horn. Keeva watched the lion growl before relaxing again and turned to face the otter. "Sorry. Traffic is always like this when we get to the airport." Keeva nodded and fiddled with his paws for a moment. "I see." He looked at his watch and smiled. "Well, there isn't that much luck. Are we near to the airport to get their status radio on when flights come in?"

The lion moved into another lane, turning the wheel with the well-formed muscles and nodded his head as he saw this lane moving along than the one they were in a few moments ago. Reaching down to the left, the large paw turned on the radio as it came to life and fiddled with the dial. Several stations came on through the speaker system in the car before a loud whistle then static and finally a faint signal as it came in with a voice.

".... Flight A536 is delayed by 45 minutes. *beep* Welcome to Lithadol International Airport information radio service. Please be advised that cars cannot park in the white zone and is used for dropping people off only. Orange zone is for picking up passengers and is a non-parking zone. Please use..." The radio kept talking as Keeva looked out of the window again, wondering if this was such a good idea after all. Turning around, he looked at the bag lying on the chair besides him and while the lion kept looking out in front of him for any signs of movement, the otter opened up the bag and pulled out a folder. Opening it up and pulling out the last email, scanning it with a small smile moving over his muzzle.

The lion spoke again. "So who are you meeting then?" Looking at the otter from the rear view mirror and bringing back Keeva to his senses as he placed the piece of paper back into the folder and looked up to face the cat eyes staring back at him from the reflection of the mirror. "Oh a friend I met online. Wants to come over here and see the world. Said I help save him a few pounds, you know on hotel costs and stay with me." He smiled and turned his head again to face out of the window.

The driver nodded as he moved the vehicle to the left, slowing down as he made to get to the right lane. "It is terminal three he's arriving at, right?"

Keeva nodded his head and pulled out another piece of paper from his folder, now resting on his lap. "Oh, erm. Lets check." His eyes scanned through the details he was given the night before and replied back. "Yes, terminal three and is arriving on flight AA-657."

"Ah, good, we're just arriving at the airport and it looks as though your plane is on time as well, still listening to the radio before turning it off now, Keeva blinked and forgot about listening to the radio station and he felt his stomach being to tie itself in a knot. The lion turned his head around quickly before returning his gaze back to the task in hand. "Something wrong?"

Keeva blinked and thought of an excuse. "Sorry. Forgot to have breakfast this morning." He swallowed and bit his lip. "Nothing wrong at all. I am fine. I try not to be long in coming back out." He saw the lion nod his head as Keeva looked out in front and saw the large terminal looming up and licked his muzzle lips. Thinking to himself. 'Well, here we go. No turning back now.' Keeva knew that there wasn't any turning back once Tibor had got on the plane where he lived.

Coming to stop outside of the terminal, Keeva got out of the car, pushing at the door to close with a comfortable bang and padded about outside along the path to get through the crowds of furs moving to and from the terminal, other taxi's dropping people off as some couples hugged each other, helping luggage come out of the boot of the car. Eventually with much dodging and weaving, the otter made his way to the entrance and stepped into the arrival terminal with awe.

He always liked airports and saw a lot of them on television and all from when he watched documentaries but the sheer size of it sent his mind to wonder as he looked up to the tall ceiling. With a smile, he looked down and took a deep breath as he looked to the bag in his paws. "Well, he won't come unless I do this, so..."

Kneeling down to the ground again as he looked about, keeping his tail held up as much as possible in case of any stray paws or trolley wheels came too near him, he unzipped the bag and rummaged about for the piece of card that he had made earlier. Finding what he was looking for, the otter pulled it out and placed it to the side for the moment as he zipped up the bag and shoulder it around his neck, the strap resting in the opposite shoulder to where the bag was resting to the side of the otter's chest. Picking up the card again, he stood up, looked down to make sure that the note was in the right way around and held it chest high, which read:

TIBOR'S PET. Welcome to England, Master.

The otter stood there, standing still as other passengers padded past, giving the otter a few different looks. A large tiger in a dark blue suit and carrying a black suitcase looked at the sign, then up and down the otter and winked. Keeva blinked as he watched the tiger continue to move down the terminal before vanishing from view and he felt a bit better until the next person that came along.

Keeva looked at the next couple that were moving through the crowd. A family of hares that had a small boy in the middle, the large male hare was pushing a trolley full of bags, all of them still in their holiday clothes as they came up to where the otter was standing. The small hare spotted him first and pointed. "Look mummy! Daddy! What is a pet?"

The other two large hares turned their head to face the otter standing there and Keeva felt like dying on the spot from the dirty look he got from the male hare. "Oh he's probably just some stupid fuckhead. Keep away from him. May catch something." Keeva felt his whiskers fall down at this and he whimpered quietly to himself but didn't put the card down and then he saw him.

Coming through the crowds, pushing a trolley was Tibor. Keeva blinked and smiled seeing the snow-white ferret. Giving a closer look, he saw that he looked more handsome than the web cam photo that he had emailed to him. The black tipped small ears that looked like his, the small head, the pointed snout and the blue eyes. Keeva felt his knees begin to shake and he bit the lower muzzle lip to calm his nerves down again. Eventually Tibor pulled to a stop and chirred. "Well, I see that you did what I wanted to do?"

Keeva nodded his head. "Yes, sir. Just as you ordered and wished for. Had a nice trip?" Moving around to take over on the trolley as Tibor moved aside and walked beside the otter as they made their way to go outside.

Tibor nodded his head, the paws around the back, clasped together. "Oh it was a nice flight. Bit bumpy in places due to turbulence and all, but it was fine overall." He looked about the place as they came outside to bright sunshine and he looked about, before Keeva pointed to the correct taxi they had to take, the lion slipping from the drivers seat to come out and to help with the packing of the suitcases.

Keeva handed the trolley to the driver and then turned to opening the back door for the ferret who smiled and slipped inside, the otter catching a sneak look from the tight pants and the small white tail with a black tip on the end and churred silently to himself before looking to where the lion put the boot down with a quiet bang and climbed into the taxi himself.

The journey home was a lot quicker than getting to the airport as Keeva looked out of the window to seeing the other side of the motorway jammed packed. With a smile he conversed with Tibor most of the way about what films he had seen on the journey across the ocean, the movies that he watched and also some confusion on some foreign programme as well.

The taxi pulled up alongside the road and came to a stop; the lion turned his head around, while pressing the button on the counter. "That is fifty eight pounds and forty pence please."

Keeva nodded as he rummaged about in his pocket for his wallet and handed over three twenty pound notes and two silver coins. Stuffing the wallet back into his pocket, he got out of the car and shut the door as the lion slipped out of the vehicle himself, padding around to the back of the boot again and opened it. At the same time, Keeva had made his way to the other side and opened up the door for the ferret with a smile.

Tibor got out and looked around the area with a smile. "Hmmm. Nice area." He turned to look at Keeva who nodded to the lion and thanked him for the pleasant service and waved as the taxi pulled off to head for another job. Picking up both suitcases, he pulled a face. "Packed enough, haven't we sir?" Tibor just laughed as he looked to where Keeva was pointing with his nose and began to walk in that direction.

Keeva stood still for a moment and smiled. "This is going to be a different week, I think." Lifting up his shoulders and padding along after Tabor as he moved alongside him and pointed to go down the stairs to the main building.